Stella Belmar - 2013


tella Belmar is an IDCA Certified Dating Coach and a Certified Law of Attraction Coach. Having been single herself,
IDCA Certified Dating Coachshe’s lived in the U.S. as well as in Europe and brings a unique perspective to dating. Her experiences have taught her that what we take as truths today aren’t necessarily so. What people think are biological factors in the male or female behaviors are often just cultural habits. Once you shift your belief and your view, it’s a lot easier to adjust how you pursue your dating and love life.

Having studied the field of dating and relationships for over 14 years, Stella has developed a unique and modern approach that works for singles of any age, demographic or type. Her holistic approach views you as a whole person. Integrating her knowledge with international and spiritual insights, she will lead you to a path of success in your love life.

“As we’ve entered the 21st century, we need to adjust our behavior for who we are and what our needs are. It is no longer enough to play the same dating game we’ve been taught to by society and culture,” says Stella.

“What we need today is not what we were doing yesterday. The dynamics of dating have changed, and so have our values.”

- Stella Belmar

“With the multitude of messages that we get bombarded with every day, it’s no wonder that we are confused as to what’s important and what’s not. That’s why I stress that every single person in pursuit of happiness first needs to better know what he or she is all about. This is the first step. Everything else flows from there.”

Whether you have simple, quick questions or would like more extensive dating coaching, Stella can help you. You will come out with a refreshed sense of self-confidence, hope and motivation. She’ll help you to be on the road to finding what your heart truly desires and needs. We all strive to be happy, loving and loved. That’s what life is all about and Stella is here to show you how.

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